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Co-operative Bank Jobs

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Hi everyone, This is a blog for all malayalees in Kerala who needs to know more about Co-Operation in Kerala and Co-Operative Banks etc. Every young generation is searching for jobs nowadays. There are so much well educated people in Kerala who doesn't have a better job which is equal to their education or skill. Some of them are working in small jobs with minimum salary and struggling their life because of the financial instability and the fear of job losing.

The Co-Operative Banks in Kerala working as per the Kerala Co-Operative Societies Act 1969 which is an emerging sector in Kerala. The young generation can depend the Co-Operative Banks for their financial growth and support. Not only the financial support, but also the jobs offered by them are really attractive. 

There are number of vacancies in the Co-Operative sector and the same can be utilized by the unemployed youth of kerala. The qualification of the Co-Operative Bank Junior Clerk examination is the degree with Co-Operation as a subject or any degree with JDC-Junior Diploma in Co-Operation or HDC- Higher Diploma in Co-Operation. The JDC can be pursued by anyone who completed the SSLC in Kerala and higher. The HDC can be pursued by the degree holders.

The Kerala Co-Operative Service Examination Board is conducting the examinations for the vacancies in each banks or societies in Kerala like the PSC in Kerala. The candidates should apply for the exam with the options of the banks we want job. The Board will issue the hall ticket for the candidates separately and candidates can attend the exam on the specified date, time, place.

 The Board will publish the shortlist according with the mark obtained from the exam. Later the candidates shortlisted by the board will be called for interview from the concerned bank or society and interview board will award the mark of interview and inform the board. 

The written exam mark and the interview mark get added and the rank list will be sent to each banks or society and published on the notice board. The bank or society will sent the appointment order as per the order of the rank list.

The Junior clerks in Co-Operative banks are getting fair salary and the life is settled on the basis of the financial stability. The job security is high in the Co-Operative Banks, the job is same secured as like the Government servant's job. The Salary is decided by the government through its order and the banks or societies will give the salary according with the salary scale, term of service and position. 

These jobs doesn't have transfer to long distance, The area of working of the banks and the societies are limited by the Kerala Co-Operative Societies Act 1969, so there will not be any chance for transfer orders. We can do our job near to our home till the retirement which is a great luck for all the people love to be at home. More than that, the job of the Co-Operative Bank employees is less stressful than other banks..

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Friends, this blog will be a supporter and a guide for achieving a job in co-operative sector. Wish you all the best

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