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The share market in India goes drastically down at the outbreak of corona virus in the worldwide. As a precautionary method, India declared the complete lock down for about three weeks. As a result of this declaration by the Prime Minister of India, all the industries had to shut down and didn’t make any revenue. 

As you know that all our industries are related with each other in economics and the changes in these industries and economic environment is suddenly reflecting in the share market

When Prime Minister declared lockdown, the share price of every listed company goes down drastically like a share market crash. Share market is considered as an indicator of economic stability.

At the lock down period, the market is moving very slowly and showing different trends like small hike in the price and more steep in the price. The lock down is for three weeks and extended for more days. 

It makes the situations more vulnerable. Think about the country that nothing is working and there is no revenue for all. Everything will be out of our hand, and the share market price goes down again.

Personally, I invested my money in a mutual fund and the mutual fund shows good return before the lock down and after lock down it shows negative return – Loss. But thank god, Prime Minister declared some exceptions for the lockdown and the industries started to work on certain conditions

This created some revenue for the industries and the country also and it reflected in the share market indices also. The prices of company shares started to grow and make a hope in the share market.

As the Prime Minster declared more exceptions in the lockdown in India, the companies started to achieve their efficiency more than in lockdown period and the share prices of the same started to increase.

I shared my loss from the mutual fund in the lockdown period in India. After these exceptions in lockdown, it started to reduce the loss. Now the loss is just one thousand rupees only. In between that, I invested more amount in mutual funds in this lockdown period which I can reap more profits after this pandemic situation.

I posted an article about the Repo rate and moratorium in lockdown period. Just read it along with this.

After the declaration of fifth stage of lockdown, the government gave more freedom for working of companies. As a result the share market goes upwards and shows positive indicator. 

The economic situation started to work to be stable but even now the conditions are not stable. The number of covid affected patients is increasing day to day in India. So the share market is trying to be stable but still showing the fluctuations.

Let’s hope the better economic future of India as soon as possible and if you feel the post is useful for you, just share it to your friends and recommend
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