Tips to Look Attractive for Men

9 habits for men to be attractive

9 habits for men to be attractive

                Alpha male is always looking attractive and impress anyone within seconds. He doesn’t need to open his mouth to impress others; his appearance, skin and personality will do that job perfectly. Are you an alpha male?

 If your answer is NO, this article is for you. This will helps you to have a change today itself, let’s crush all mistakes that make you unattractive and start the habits of attractiveness.

Wear good quality dress

9 habits for men to be attractive
Dress Collection

Dress has so much importance in your personality. Actually we don’t know about that but others use our dress to judge us. Wash your dress after every use and make sure that there is no dirt or stain on our dress. If there is any, it will create a bad impression about you. Iron the dress you want to wear and your outfit should match according to the situation and the place.

 Imagine that, you are wearing party style dress in the official board meeting, how awkward it is. So make sure that the color and style matches and the situation. Iron the dress properly; if there are wrinkles on your dress, it gave a lazy and unhygienic man. The result is the impression on you will be losing at the first look itself.

Face wash

We all are going out for various purposes such as job, meetings, entertainment etc. Do you know how much our air get polluted due to the smoke, dust and other? They are all stuck into our uncovered face and get dirty all the day. The dirt stuck on the face skin will clog the pores and pores couldn’t breathe due to this reason.

 It will lead to forming pimples on the face and leave pimple mark. Pimples and scars will reduce your attractiveness. So when you return home, you should wash your face with a face wash, not with soap and also after the sleep. While sleeping, the dirt and oil from the hair will stuck on the pillow cover and face; so better wash face when you woke up.

Use Deodorant

9 habits for men to be attractive

Good smell has an effect of attracting others towards you. You should use deodorant after you dress up to smell good. People will reluctant to approach you if you smell bad. Impression on you if deodorant is above your imagination. Do you want to try it now? There are lot of body sprays and perfumes of various brands available in the market.

 I personally prefer perfumes than the body sprays. Body sprays apply on the body and perfumes apply on the dress. The perfume’s intensity and the period of time is more than the body spray. But the price of the body sprays are little higher than the body sprays.

Use moisturizer

Usually men will not consider their beauty as much as women. Women maintain their beauty in various ways. We can also maintain and increase our beauty through these habits. Moisturize our skin at night and morning after the wash. It will nourish our skin and looks better. 

The skin will become smooth and glowing if we use the moisturizer. Use moisturizer of the good brands, it will give you much better results. While purchasing the item, just do a patch test on the hand or any other part. If you have an allergy on that product, patch test will help you to avoid that. Don’t forget to apply moisturizer on face, neck, hands after the wash.

Drink more water

9 habits for men to be attractive
Drinking Water

A healthy human being should drink 8 glass of water per day. It’s good for the body and the skin too. Your skin will be fresh always if you drink enough water all day. The deficiency of the water will affect the skin like dry skin, tanning, looks your face dull. Dull face and the glowing face have so many differences.

 You look stunning in the glowing face. Major portion of our body consist of water and it has the magical power to repair the skin damages and make you look good. Take a look on the all models interview; they are all drinking enough water to maintain their beauty.

Use mouthwash

We all have the habit of brushing twice a day as per the instructions of the dentists and experts. But we omit to apply mouthwash after the brushing. Mouthwash will help to kill the germs and bacteria in our mouth and prevents the bad breath. Bad breath will not tolerate by others and they will surely run away from you. 

How it feels when your friends or colleagues talk in group and everyone dispersed when you enter into that and start talking? It’s very painful and shameful. There will be rumors about us and a bad image. So it’s better use mouthwash even after the brushing of teeth. Pleasant smell from mouth will make an impression of hygienic alpha men among others. Some of the mouthwash has the burning sensation while using. So select the mild mouthwash.

Avoid Oily food

Oily foods are very tasty to eat and all we love to eat fried items like fish fry, chicken fry, KFC etc. But consuming these types of oily food makes you a heart patient and chances of getting pimples on face are very high. 

Oily food makes your aging faster and will not get a fresh look. I personally recommend you to reduce the oily and fast foods and increase the vegetables and fresh items in your diet. You can feel the change surely within one month itself.


9 habits for men to be attractive

Exercise helps you to be energetic and positive mentality. It is essential for your physical health and the mental health. If you workout daily, your body will become muscular and look sexy. Girls will get attracted to men who have good physic.

 Go to gym to work out or you can check YouTube for various home workout videos. Exercise not only makes your physic good, but also reduce your fat and prevents from the lifestyle diseases like heart attack, diabetics etc.

Sleep Well

Sleep is an important factor in the models life habit. A healthy human being should need 8 hours of sleep per day. Sleep will help you relax and makes you energetic for the next day. Sleeping will let you escape from the tiredness and give fresh look.

 If you lack the enough sleep, the skin under the eyes become dark and the skin will sag under the eyes. This will change the attractive shape of your face. So sleep well and be attractive.

You can impress anyone by following these habits in life and you can feel the change within no time. Try it friends. You can suggest the articles you need by commenting below. You can also check the fashion related posts in this blog. See you with another post, Take Care.

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