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Whatsapp chat without online

Hello readers, I hope all of you are being safe in your places. Let’s pray for the revival from the pandemic situation due to Covid 19. Here is some methods to satisfy some of our needs in whatsapp especially whom concerned of their privacy. How to reply whatsapp without online? How to check whatsapp without appearing online? How to reading whatsapp without appearing online? How to reply whatsapp without being online? – These are some of the doubts and questions from the whatsapp users which concern their privacy. 
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There are situations that we need to use whatsapp without being online. If we are in office and our boss is watching us appearing online, we need to urgently read whatsapp message without going online or reply whatsapp message without going online. Then we can apply these tips & tricks for use whatsapp without being caught.

Another situation – If your boy friend or girl friend or partner doubt on you and have a habit of spying on you by checking the time you appear online and duration of online status and start giving you headache. So try the steps given below to avoid these situations and chat on whatsapp without being online

How to view whatsapp without appearing online?

You can check the whatsapp without showing the online status using the mobile data settings and Flight mode. Some of the smart phone have airplane mode instead of flight mode which have the same function which stops all the connectivity to the phone.

 Turn off the mobile data or turn on the flight mode to avoid showing the online status and open the whatsapp and read our older chats and pictures, videos etc.

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How to read whatsapp message without showing online?

We have the smartphones which give notifications from all the applications in the mobile and we can control it as per our wish. The notification helps you to read the whatsapp message without being online in iPhone and Android

When a new message comes in our whatsapp number, the phone will give a notification in the notification bar. From the notification bar, we can read the message without showing the online status. 

And also, through this method we can read the whatsapp message without blue tick-Message Read. The message will not become read, the sender will only see the double tick – delivered, not the blue tick.

 The message will be in the unread stage till we open the message in whatsapp application. All the messages can be read like this. It’s better to mute the groups in whatsapp to avoid the larger number of messages in the notification bar which make difficult in using this technique.

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How to reply whatsapp message without online?

As I said before, we can read the message through the notification bar, we can also reply though the notification bar without showing online. There will be an option to reply on each whatsapp message notification to reply from there itself. If we use this technique, we can reply whatsapp without being online. If you didn’t find the reply option, just slide on the concerned whatsapp message and you can find it.

How to message anyone in the whatsapp without being online?

First turn off mobile data or turn on the flight mode of you smartphone, and open your whatsapp application either in iPhone or Android phone. Now no one can see you as online in whatsapp. Just type the message you want to send to the particular person and hit the send button. The message will be waiting for the internet connection to send to the concerned account. 

As per the programming of whatsapp application, the undelivered message will be automatically send whenever it gets connected to the internet. So, after hitting the send button, just press back button and close the whatsapp, next step is to turn on the mobile data. The whatsapp will connected to internet and the message will be delivered without showing you online. 

Remember one thing, the other person may also read this blog and knew the trick ... hahaha.
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