Nifty Trading Project - Day 1


Hello Readers,

This was the first day of the project of Breakout. As i am working as a apprentice in a financial institution, i could not watch the market from the morning because of the customer rush in the office. But i managed to watch the OI which was favourable to the PE buying.

From that i had a view of  bearish market. i could not watch the market , luckily i had drawn important supports in the chart earlier. When i open the chart at 10.05 am, the nifty trying to break my line and the OI is also favouring PE, so i entered PE option buying with a capital of 1500/- only out of 2000/-.

Due to my busy work, i put alert for target and stoploss which automatically inform me about that. At 11.05 am, my app shows the alert that my target hit and i closed my position. I just look for a targer of 0.23 % in nifty.

The nifty goes downwards very much and if i hold the position more time, i would triple my capital in one day. But i did not have the courage to do that because my profit  will also washed out with the capital if the nifty reversed from any important zone. 

So day 1 profit.

Rule: Don't be greed and fear

Rule: I don't need full movement of nifty, Go and take what you need today and return back safely

Thank you readers, hope for 15/03/2023

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