Whatsapp Feature Updation 2020


WhatsApp Messenger take steps on the changing situation of Covid 19 and to make the users to feel the special comfort in the environment. The utility of the whatsapp has been increased due to the updation. Mainly there are 4 updations are in the package. We don't want to lose the time, just blast the updation 2020.

1. Dark Theme

Dark color theme is a classic theme which gave you the standard while using the application and gives the display a attractive look. Actually the dark color theme is black in color and the texts are in white. It gave you relaxation to your eyes while reading or looking into the mobile screen. 

Black is commonly known as the Royal Color which gave you a great effect. Don't you see black cars, black smartphone, black dress have its own look. And there is another technical benefit in the smartphone. In the smartphone, display is the most power consuming one. It will increase when it lights in bright color and reduces the power consumption if we use dark color. So this new whatsapp feature increases the battery backup

2. Group Video Call

Whatsapp introduced group video call in 2020 as a new feature. Here is a new updation on it. Earlier, we have to video call a friend and he should accept that call then while the call connect, then we can add our friends to that video call at maximum of 8 persons at a time. This type of adding process is something which annoys us sometimes. 

In the new feature, we can start the video call with our 8 friends at a time and they will connect to the call as they accept the video call and can enjoy. If anyone didn't accept, the call will ring for its predetermined time and will end and the video call will be among the remaining 7 friends without any interruption. Its a cool updation

3. Whatsapp Status - 15 Seconds

The whatsapp status introduced by the whatsapp messenger got a great response from the users. They will appear to our friends for 24 hours and deletes it automatically. We can upload pictures, videos, text as the whatsapp status. The duration of the whatsapp status was 30 second earlier.

 but in the new updation it reduced to 15 seconds. we can only upload 15 second video as whatsapp status. This may be due to the covid 19 situation which will reduce the spreading of fake news and messages. Whatsapp may recall the old status setting of 30 seconds after the covid 19.

Whatsapp Logo

4. Limited forwarded messages

Earlier, whatsapp introduced an arrow sign to show that the message got is an forwarded message from someone else and you can also check how many times he shared that message.

 Now there will be double arrow mark on the message if it forwarded for several times. And we can forward this message only to 5 contacts or groups at a time. This will reduce the spreading of fake news messages and the covid spreading messages.

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