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iPad Pro , a Classic Innovation

Apple iPad Pro
iPad Pro

Apple Inc. introduced their next level product iPad Pro after the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Proa classic product with its design and the performance. It designed to hack our minds perfectly. The developers did their fine abilities to release this iPad Pro. It's more than a desktop functions and the very latest technology used by the Apple Inc. Apple will never compromise in the quality of the gadgets. They keep their own standards.

Specification & Features - Overview

Liquid Retina Technology

The display of iPad Pro is build with the liquid retina technology. It helps you to read and work with for more hours without any irritation with the eyes. It helps your eyes to being in a comfort stage. The edge to edge display gave you more display with its body. Display of iPad Pro includes advanced technologies like ProMotion, True Tone, Brightness etc

Cameras: Shoot like a pro

The sensors in the iPad Pro is very effective and professional ones. It have wide and new Ultra wide cameras to shoot more area with this. The studio quality mics gave a fantastic sound recording for the video and you don't need to buy any extra mic if you are vlogger or a youtuber. 4 Speakers are very fine to loud the audio. The Ultra wide camera sensor have 10 MP and 12 MP for the wide camera.

LiDAR Scanner : One step forward

Light Detection and Ranging measures the distance by calculating the time to reach an object and reflect back. Usually the space researchers using this technology to measure the distance. LiDAR scanner in the iPad Pro works with pro cameras, motion sensors along with the hardware and software.

Augmented Reality : Feel high

Augmented Reality apps (AR apps) in the iPad Pro makes an impressive experience and the developers did a great job in that. With this, we feel the apps and its environment is much more real.

Shoot and Edit in spot  

Special pro cameras help you to shoot like a professional photographer and gave you the option to edit the video you have recorded at the spot itself and share it without wasting the time.Ultra wide camera helps you to record the whole room and the markup uses to redesign it.. You can scan the document and sign it with Apple Pencil. Using the front selfie camera, portrait selfies, animojis, can be created and chat with the Face Time. logo
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Performance: More than Desktop

A12Z Bionic chip is used in the iPad Pro and with the help of this A12Z Bionic chip, the iPad Pro work faster than the personal computer. The 8 core graphics processor makes the better performance for the apps and the games.

Multi Tasking : Utility

The hardware and software combined to performance in the lightning speed and the OS  (Operating System) let you multitasking function to use various apps at a time. Human being are very busy now and they have to do so many works in the limited time. So multitasking function gave a utility to the apple iPad users.

Keyboard : Not just a simple one

The apple iPad Pro keyboard gave a best typing experience and having the USB C port to connect and the charging slot. It have the front and protection, attach with the gadget magnetically, the adjustment are very smooth. It have a track pad with multi touch gesture to navigate through. With the help of track pad, OS determines to show the cursor or pointer according to text, picture, app icon or spreadsheet. The cursor appear on click, adapt intelligently and format the text like you needed.

Apple Pencil : apple product

Attracts magnetically with the iPad Pro, pairs and charge without wire. It works according to tilt and the pressure for various strokes. You can even takes notes with the Apple Pencil in Notes App with your handwriting. You can take screenshot of something and mark anything you need with the apple pencil and share.

The Apple iPad Pro is very light weight about one pound and have a battery life of 10 hour. Connectivity : Wifi 6, GB- Class LTE, USB C port, speaker
The price of the iPad Pro is $799

You can buy it from Apple's Official Website 

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