Cyber Crimes in India

Types of crimes in India- PSC and CSEB

Cyber Crimes - Hacking 

It is an unauthorized access to a computer through a network through programs and computer codes. There are three types of hackers in the hacking world. White Hat Hackers, Grey Hat Hackers, Black Hat Hackers. 

White hat hackers are hackers who are authorized to hack into websites and databases and also known as Ethical Hackers. They are focusing security of the IT system. The groups of these people are also known as TIGER TEAMS.

Black hat hackers are hackers who intrude into others computer systems and network without authorization. They crack the network, files, databases etc and punishable cyber crime.
Grey hat hackers are act as white hat hackers and black hat hackers simultaneously

Cyber Crimes - Cracking

It is the act of breaking into the computer system like hackers in order to steal information for unauthorized use. They may sell the resources which they steal from the process of cracking

Cyber Crimes - Phishing

Inviting people to a duplicate fake website which exactly looks like the original through various methods like emails, links etc and steal the information like personal details and username and passwords

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Cyber Crimes – Cyber stalking

Harassing an individual or group of individual through the communication devices and also known as cyber bullying

Cyber Crimes – Data Diddling

Data diddling is altering data just before processing then change it back into original form after the processing completed

Cyber Crimes – Email Bombing

It is the attack into mail server by sending bulk emails to a particular address. Thus the server of the target address get down and services became unavailable. And the database become gets filled with lots of spam emails and it’s hard to clean up and to bring it into original form with efficiency.

Cyber Crimes – Cyber Defamation

Spreading false messages about a person or a company through email, mobile, social network in sites is called cyber defamation

Cyber Crimes – Vandalism

Doing any kind of physical harm to the computer of others and it includes theft of a computer or some part of a computer or a peripheral or the physical damage

Cyber Crimes – Web Hijacking

It is a cyber crime which hacks for objective like money or other benefits. Hackers intrude into other databases and steal the data and ask for money for the data to give back. The famous cyber threat in last few years WANNACRY is an example of this cyber crime

Cyber Crimes – Data Theft

It is the crime of copying files without the authorization of owner. Data theft includes copying files from USB, CD, Desktops, Laptops, and Servers etc without the authorization and for other purpose which the data are built for.

Cyber Crimes – Cyber Forgery

It is the use of computer for creating fake currencies, postal stamps, marl lists etc with the help of computer, scanner, printer etc for money and rewards

Cyber Crimes – Cyber Pornography

Cyber pornography is the creation and circulation of the obscene content, nudity etc through computer systems and networks etc

Cyber Crimes – Frauds and Cheating

Credit card crimes, fake jobs through networks etc. In simple terms, cheating and frauds using computer and network

Cyber Crimes – Trojan attack

These are the attack with unauthorized program which gains control over another system. These programs are built in other software or files which will not aware of users

Cyber Crimes – Logic Bomb

A logic bomb is a code intentionally inserted into software that will be a harmful function when the specified conditions are met

Cyber Crimes – Password Sniffer

Password sniffer is a small program that monitors and records the password and username of the user at the time of login. The program is already inserted in the target computer.

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