How to know bank balance at home without internet ?

Do you know the method of knowing your account balance when you are at home..? Youngsters will surely says that, we have internet banking account or mobile banking app linked with the account. But I want to ask you, if you are in a situation with zero data balance or doesn't have the internet connection, can you use that mobile app or internet bank account to check the balance. 

I gave you another situation that, you don't know the balance of your bank account and you have a urgency to pay something through cheque. The payee is very important person to you and you value his time, so you don't want to dishonour (bounce) the cheque back due to insufficient bank balance. You need to the account balance first. Here i am giving you the method to know the account balance even without internet at home.

  Give a miss call and get your bank balance 

There is only a simple thing to do for this, just miss call to the number given below respective to your bank. The call will ring for two times and automatically end. Within one minute, you will get a message from your bank showing your current balance. 

One thing to remember is the mobile number which you are supposed to give the miss call should be the one which you gave in the contact number in the KYC form to the bank. The main attraction of this method is, you don't need any internet connection or banking app. And also you can know the account balance at home itself. Here is the numbers.

 SBI :               18004253800
Canara Bank : 9015483483           
Punjab National Bank :18001804444
Axis Bank :    1860004195555
UCO Bank :  9278792787
Bank of India : 9015135135
ICICI Bank : 18601207777
Indian Bank : 9289592895
Oriental Bank of Commerce : 1800018001235
HDFC Bank : 18002703333
Corporation Bank : 9268892688
IDBI Bank : 18008431122
Yes Bank : 9223920000
Union Bank of India : 9223008586
United Bank of India : 9015431345

Guys, Now there is an updation from banks. Some of us use the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) to check the account balance. Banks will consider it as a transaction and they limited your free limit transactions. After that limit, bank will debit that charge from your account and you will know about this only at the time of verification of account statement. 

Most of us neglect these charges if it is nominal, but if it repeats for many times in an year, it will be a considerable amount and no one will give that amount freely. Our money is our hard work and we don't want to lose it without any considerable reason. If you didn't get any message from your bank after the miss call, contact your branch for the assistance. 

There may be more than one reason for that like mismatch of your missed call mobile number and the contact number linked to your account or the number for this service has been changed by the bank. So contact your branch for further assistance. 

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