Link Aadhar with PAN in India

It is mandatory is to link your Aadhar card number with the PAN (Permanent Account Number) from the date 1st July, 2017. It is came into effect in the Finance Act 2017 as the Section 139AA, Income Tax Act 1961. This article helps you about how to link Aadhar with PAN and how to check whether the PAN is linked with Aadhar.

Section 139AA

Sec 139AA shows the about the aadhar linking with pan and defines taxpayers who needs to link the aadhar with pan. The section came into effect from 1st July, 2017.

  • Every person in India who is eligible to get the Aadhar card number as per the Aadhar Act 2016, must provide their aadhar card number along with the PAN card application and also in the income tax return.
  • Some of the persons don’t have the aadhar number or application for the aadhar number is still in processing. For those people can provide their aadhar enrolment number (the reference number given at the time of submitting the aadhar application.
  • The PAN card holder whom allotted before 1st July, 2017 should intimate the aadhar number to the income tax authorities and others should provide the aadhar number along with the pan application.
  • If you didn’t link the pan with aadhar, PAN will be inoperative

Who needs to link the PAN

The Section 139AA defines that the resident who can obtain aadhar should link the pan with aadhar. The resident is explained in the Aadhar Act 2016, Any Indian who has been resided in India for 182 days or more in 12 months preceding the date of submitting the aadhar application.

Last date of PAN & Aadhar linking

The last date for the linking of PAN card with the Aadhar Card is 31th March, 2020. Earlier it is on 31st March, 2020. The date is extended due to reasons like many of the PAN holders aren’t link the PAN and Aadhar even now. And also the Covid 19 panic situation and the lock down by Government also a reason.

How to link PAN with Aadhar?

Link Aadhar with PAN
Link Aadhar-PAN

  1. Open the linking webpage of income tax (Link PAN with Aadhar)
  2. Type the PAN Card number in the 1st field with name PAN
  3. Type the Aadhar Card number in the 2nd field towards Aadhar Number
  4. Type the name exactly as on Aadhar Card in the 3rd field towards Name a per AADHAR
  5. Tick the checkbox – I have only year of birth in Aadhar Card – if your aadhar card have only year of birth. If you have date of birth, leave the checkbox
  6. Enter the captcha code as shown to verify that you are not a robot or any computer program
  7. Then click the Link Aadhar Button at bottom

How to check whether PAN linked with Aadhar

Link aadhar pan at home
check status of pan-aadhar linking

  1. Open the linking webpage of income tax (Check Status)
  2. Type PAN Number in the field PAN
  3. Type Aadhar number in the field Aadhar Number
  4. Click the View Aadhar Link Status Button

You will be redirected to a page showing your status of PAN linking

Last date of linking PAN with Aadhar is 31th March, 2021. Stay updated with news.

Read: Section 194N Income Tax Act

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