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7 things girls should carry always

Attractive girl makeup
Make Up

 Everyone wish to become more pretty than others. We are always conscious about our beauty and ready to do anything to look good. Both boys and girls need to be good looking and attractive.

 If you want to impress others, you have to be look pretty and confident. Men are not conscious about the beauty tips and products but the girls do. Eventhough I recommend boys to read tips to look attractive for men. In that case, there is no difference in the age. Almost all women irrespective of their age group, it’s their character trait. There is some stuff in the carry bag of the attractive women and I will tell you that now.

1.    1. Face Mirror

Eyeliner Girls
Face Mirror

You should carry a small mirror in your carry bag always whenever you went out. The mirror helps you to check your face at each interval. Sometimes our styled hair may fall to shapeless or lose your pretty look, the makeup you wear become shade; spread the eyeliner or lipstick, so you have to take a look in your face. A small mirror will help you to have a look even at crowd area.

 It will not lose the space in your bag but give you a confidence that my face looks pretty and hygienic. Imagine that you are an employee and you have to attend a client meeting or board meeting, you are in rush to be there; you can simply take a look in the mirror with you and confidently attend the meeting. So keep it with you always. Remember, Face reflects your mind.
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2.    2. Facewash

In our surroundings, we can’t see the dust, smoke etc because we are going fast and doing our busy work all the time. When we get into a washroom, wipe your face with a wet tissue; you can the dirt stick into that tissue from your face. 

To have a clean and healthy skin, keep your face clean all the time and remove the dirt whenever get the chance. Facewash helps you to clean the face and gave the nourishment. Facewash is developed for the skin on face. Keep it your bags especially while you travelling. Good skin and face is not the responsibility of others, it lies on us.

1.    3. Lipstick

Girl Lipstick
Red Lipstick

Girls use lipstick to colour their lips to become attractive. There are different shades of colours in the lipstick and select them with carefully. Some of them may creepy with bright colours or doesn’t have the quality. If you feel that your lips get more colour while you are attending a wedding photo shoot or in front of some photo taking session, don’t worry; you have your favorite lipstick in your bag.

 You can apply it with no time and be cool in every photo and impress anyone. Don’t forget to take more varieties of lipsticks in your bag, because applying suitable colour lipstick according to your skin tone, dress etc. Small chalk size lipstick will made magic in your face.

2.    4. Comb

In the first point, I mention the situation of fallen hair, and lose the style of hair. At that time, you need to comb your hair to bring its style back. Combing helps the blood circulation to the head and increases the growth of the hair. 

Sometimes combing helps your hair to look more classic and stylish. Women need to change their hairstyle according to the situation and the place where they are. At that time, then need this comb for that purpose. Comb is a small thing which can carry in your bag.

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.    5. Deodorants


Girls should smell like flowers, everyone feels wonders when she passes among them. Good smell gave you good personality and impression. If you smell bad, no one will accompany you and will say badly about you. 

To avoid this and smell good, you can buy a good deodorant and apply at intervals. Believe me, fragrance have a special role in the attractiveness. Nowadays, the mini models of deodorants are available in the market. Explore a wide variety and grab your favorite one now.

1.    6. Eyeliner

In cosmetics market, you will get numerous brand of eyeliner with quality and the classic colour. It is in the shape of a pencil and carrying this in your bag will not reduce the space of your small bag. Even branded companies gave you the quality eyeliner, it have the limitations. 

Eyeliners will stick perfectly for hours and after that time, eyeliner strokes get smudged and spread under the eyelids which gave an impression of carelessness and lazy in others. So never forget eyeliner to put in the bag when you leave room.

3.    7. Moisturizer

I gave you the tip of the facewash earlier, now I tell you that face wash is not enough to make your face glowing. Moisturize your face after washing your face every time. 

While washing your face, it will be dry and may cause for the dry skin damages. Its better apply a moisturizer which makes the skin smooth and prevents from dryness. Buy a moisturizer along with the facewash and keep them both.

Okay girls, I shared 7 items that makes you attractive instantly and try it today. If you feel the article is good and share it to your friends through Facebook, Whats App etc. And you can comment your ideas and thoughts down below which will be a great inspiration to me. You can also comment the topic which you need to get some pro tips and tricks
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