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 is one of the top using messenger application in the tech world. Its performance and research and development is brilliant. But due to some reasons, Whatsapp messenger server shows some misfunctions and the functions are not working perfectly for some hours. 

Today 19th June 2020, the whatsapp messenger application didn't show anyone's online status in the status bar. 

Every whatsapp users thinks that their friends are offline and wait for them. But actually even they are in online, whatsapp stops showing the online status. Most of the users realized this misfuntion of whatsapp status after some time by asking to other friends.

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While i was chatting with my friends, they said that your account is not showing online. I exit from the application and open the application again and started to chat. Even then, my account didn't show the online status in whatsapp.
At that time i noticed that, my friends account whom i chatted this time also didn't show the online status. Thus we realize the problem is common for all and we shared the information among our friends.

We saw many posts that whatsapp server down and the last seen is not working properly and the privacy settings also.

I am sure that whatsapp which is owned by the facebook will realize the problem soon and rectify the error.
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